The 3 Best Roofing Gloves

Roofing is hard work. It's an extremely physical task that has both the potential to cause bodily injury and discomfort. The quality of the roofing supplies the homeowner or roofer uses can mean the difference between injury and getting the job done safely. Because of this, roofers should take active measures to ensure that the job is done correctly while also protecting their bodies from harm. There are plenty of supplies that ensure safety and can increase the quality of the job done. Roofing gloves should be used at all times to protect from cuts and punctures. When working with nails, punctures can be a serious risk. Those who suffer from puncture wounds are often in an immense amount of pain. They also have to get a tetanus shot to ensure that no disease is caused as a result. Here are three different types of roofing gloves that may prevent an issue:


The Showa Atlas Therma Fit

Working in cold weather can be extremely unpleasant when its a job that requires the function of the hands. A glove that can protect the hands from the pain of frostbite is necessary. Workers often need mass amounts of breaks if they do not have enough protection from the cold on their work site. The pain of cold weather can be too much to bear. This double napped glove made from cotton and polyester helps keep the hands warm enough for the roofer to work comfortably. They can also protect the hands and keep the job steady if the roof is wet. Roofing work can be done in the rain if the right equipment is used.

These gloves come with several features that are useful when doing roofing work:
  • Warm Liner
  • Excellent Grip
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Puncture Resistent

​ Ironclad Utility Gloves

These gloves were designed with grip and hand safety in mind. All the injuries common to roofers were thought of during the design of these gloves. These gloves have rubberized knuckle protection. Knuckles are a common part of the hand that's injured during roofing work. Roof work is physically rigorous. It's equipped with a terry cloth wet whip to protect the glove from sweat. These gloves can go in the washing machine and suffer no damage from the exposure. Comfort is thought of with the foam padding on the palm. The hook and loop wrist closure makes it versatile for different hand sizes.

​Youngstown Mesh Utility

This one is perfect for workers who are doing roofing in a hot area. The mesh fabric is breathable. The entire bottom of the glove is made with heavy duty, non slip material. The cuffs are supportive and adjustable. The thumb is terry cloth for the wiping away of sweat.

The Three Best

These are some of the best on the market. As can be seen, each glove is designed for a different type of project or weather. Deciding which one is right is all about thinking of the circumstances of the project and what is needed. With any of them, the project is sure to be done safe and well.