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Budget Saving Roof Replacements in Irvine

The roof overhead is arguably the most important architectural component of your home and what provides your entire building with protection from the elements. While getting your roof replaced is certainly not as fun and exciting as investing in other projects, the value of this project can’t be argued. A roof in disrepair will soon allow moisture to enter and begin deteriorating other parts of the building as well.

There are few domestic disasters that will be as serious and financially damaging as a leaky roof.

As a cost-conscious homeowner in Irvine, you will face many important decisions that can allow you to save big in the long run by avoiding the high costs of roofing work and replacements. In the following article we will take a look at some of the most important considerations for maintaining a budget-friendly roofing solution.


Postpone… NOTHING!

The biggest trick will be to make sure you never allow roofing work and maintenance to pile up and choose the solutions you will need to apply ahead of time. This is especially important if your roof is nearing the end of its service life and you may need roofing replacements in the near future.
You will find that all the important cost-saving decisions that need to be made to save your budget will be addressed long before you call up your contractor or begin selecting materials.

With budget-saving practices as the cornerstone of your regular roofing maintenance you will be able to squeeze every drop of service life from your roofing materials and avoid untimely surprises. Make sure that you inspect your roof at least once every two months and after hard rains and strong winds.
Then make sure you have your roof inspected a couple times a year by a roofing specialist who can suggest minor repairs that will increase the longevity of your roof. Roofs that are nearing the end of their life will need more frequent inspections.


Have you Considered Minor Repairs?

The first decision you will need to make when looking at a roof in poor conditions will be whether to replace the entire roof, or patch up the damaged section.
Obviously, if a few shingles have become dislodged due to strong winds or falling tree limbs, this is a small matter and can be remedied with intermediate DIY repair work. All that is needed is to remove three damaged shingles and replace them with new shingles.

But, this task requires that you use the exact same shingles that were used originally. Many times there will be some shingles left over from the original project. Otherwise you may have to special order identical items from a supplier. But, if you will add a few years of life to your roof, you come out on top financially.
Why is it so important that the shingles match perfectly? This is not just an aesthetic touch, if you hope to sell the house in the near future, a newer shingle will be a tell-tale sign of roofing damage and can make potential buyers a bit antsy.


What about Partial Replacements?

If your roof is generally in good conditions except for a single portion of the roof, you may choose having your roof partially-replaced. This is a good option because it allows the repair work to be safely hidden over a larger area and this won’t alert potential home buyers to the project or history of damage.
But there will be some considerations here as well. Contrary to what most people think, partial reroofing is not always the most economical option. Partial reroofing has its own set of issues that can amplify the costs for the project. If your roof has two-layers of materials, both layers will need to be removed and disposed of to address the repair work. This can greatly increase the costs of labor.

Then the replaced side may not have the same thickness and this can cause the roof to look a little lopsided at the ridges. Of course there are ways to address this small issue, like adding more shingles to the newly replaced section or applying a ridge cap. But, this will also increase the costs of the project.
But, the bottom line is this. Even if your roof is only partially damaged, there may be some good reasons to just replace the entire roof. If you already have the roof replacers on your roof performing their task, how much more will it cost to bring them out again to replace the other part of the roof when the time comes? A lot! Having the roof replaced in sections will significantly increase the cost of a roof replacement.

If your roof is brand new and only has a small section that needs replacement, partial replacement may be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you see that your entire roof will need to be replaced in a year or so, it would probably be best to just go ahead with the entire roof replacement project.
Which brings us to another important cost-cutting decision.


Tear Off or Roof Over?

So, if we have decided that replacing the roof is the only way to go, there are still some decisions that can potentially slash the costs of your roofing expenses. You can either lay down new roofing materials on a cleared roofing deck, or sometimes new materials can be laid down on top of the old materials.

But, you can’t do this twice. Under the law a roof over can only be performed once, under the International Roofing Code section R907.3. But this is not just the law, it’s also a pretty good idea because roofing materials are especially heavy. Not all structures have the same load-bearing strength and the additional weight can amount to the equivalent of parking a small car on the roof of your home.
Of course, if you have not roofed over yet, then you can avoid the costs of tearing off the old roofing materials and replacing them by just having the roofing materials placed on top of the old ones. While this is a budget saving option, there are some reasons not to do this.

For example, the roofing materials you have selected will adhere better to a freshly cleared roof deck than they will to the old roofing materials. So, if you live in a part of Irvine that is especially exposed to the winds, roof overs may not be an economical project for you and it would be better in the long run to have the old removed before you choose to lay down the new materials.

5. Cost Considerations

If you have been following the above mentioned suggestions suitably so far then you have already saved more than you can possibly imagine. But, like it or not, no roofing materials are impervious to all attrition of the elements and you will need to replace the roof at some point. Here is where a careful analysis of the costs of the project can further save cash resources.

roof color


The first thing to examine will be the materials you would like to apply. You will want to examine not only the cost per “square” but also the amount of service life you can expect from the various roofing materials. For example, even though the basic asphalt shingle is one of the more widely used and cost effective options, its life span is limited to 7 to 10 years. A metal roof can cost considerably more, but comes with a considerable amount of benefits that can improve energy expenditures and last more than three times as long as your asphalt roof.

The amount of life and costs will also have to be tallied with all the other associated costs of roofing, such as the costs of labor


Roofing Labor Cost

The costs of labor will be around 60% of the total cost of replacing your roof and this is an important thing to consider when deciding between a partial and total roof replacement.

Other New Roof Cost Factors

According to the national average your new roof will cost anywhere from $5000 to $10000. But, you may see a figure much lower provided during your initial phone interview with a roofing contractor. This is because your roof may present a variety of different features or details that can increase the costs of your roof replacement. After a proper inspection, your contractor will calculate all variables into the final price and give you a more accurate estimate.

Some factors that may increase the quote include.

  • A steeper pitch
  • Difficult removal due to previous installation
  • Gutter damage
  • Leaking roofs and damaged flashing
  • Substrate or deck damage
  • Fascia and soffit damage
  • Mold
  • Pooling water
  • Winter damage
  • Excess layers off shingles

Ask for a detailed summary of all the factors that have gone into the estimate your contractor has provided.  This way you will be able to allocate your funds judiciously and effectively.

Consider Off-Season Roofing Work

If you need to have your Irvine roof replaced and are looking for every way to pinch-pennies you may consider having the work done during the off season. As a general rule of thumb, the months between spring and fall are always the best time for roof replacement as the weather is dry and somewhat predictable.

You will find a well-coordinated crew can complete their roofing work very quickly and effectively. Some of the more experienced crews will actually extend their service to the later months as well and this can mean big savings to the economically minded homeowner.

If you plan on doing something like this, you will have to be aware that a risk of bad weather is always present. The best option will be to find a larger well-organized team of roofing professionals that can beat the bad weather and have your roof addressed in under a few days as opposed to weeks.

Final Notes on Budget Saving Roof Replacements in Irvine

There is no way to make roofing replacements a cheap affair. But, with careful planning and cautious maintenance and inspections these repairs and roof replacements can be postponed to the very last minute. Roofing materials have an expected life span but this can be greatly affected by the amount of care and maintenance they receive as well as the suitable application of the right materials and methods applied to your home. Regular inspections are perhaps the most important part of keeping a roof in good conditions longer.

In the end, it will be your level of care, attention and insight into your home's needs that will reduce the costs of roof replacements and keep everything within your tight budget.