The Complete Homeowners Guide to the Costs of Roof Inspections

As an economically-minded homeowner, keeping your property and building in excellent condition is probably high on your priority list. After all, it is always easier to preserve and maintain the structure you have than to make extensive repairs and replacements when the situation gets bad.

Nowhere is this basic rule of economy more evident than in preserving the roof of your home and prolonging its longevity.

The roof of your home is under constant attrition from the elements and catching small issues in time to apply light repairs can save you from very large repairs that will be required if moisture is allowed to soak into your roof’s substructures and into your home. This is where a plan for regular roof inspections forms that vital safety net that allows you to squeeze every drop of value from your roofing materials and postpone roofing repairs and replacements to the absolute last minute.

As professional roofing contractors, getting you the roofing solutions you need is our business. Properly maintained roofs last longer, create less waste and make you rich – which makes us all rich. So, here is what you need to know about how much roofing inspections will cost you in the broad scheme of things.

Ok, but you want to know about the cash amount, right? Then let’s get right to the point.

The average professional roof inspection if going to set you back anywhere between $200 and $700. This is a considerable difference but it shows that there is a considerable quantity of factors that can affect the cost of inspection.