Best roof rack reviews

If you are looking to expand your cargo-carry capacity of your vehicle, roof racks and roof rails should be what you are thinking about. The roof racks increase the practicality of your vehicle and are handy when planning for a cross-country trip or when in need of additional space for your cargo that won’t fit in the trunk.

Maybe you occasionally go on nature drives or take part in outdoor sporting events that require you to carry outdoor sporting gear. Whatever might be your reason, then there are numerous roof rack options to meet your needs. Some vehicles come pre-fixed with the rails making it straightforward to install the roof rack. If yours does not have any roof rails don’t panic, there are numerous options in the market to choose from.

Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bar

The Aeroblade Roof Rack is among Thule’s aerodynamic products. The product is designed with increased resistance to speed with reduced noise. The Aeroblade Roof Rack is among the sturdiest option in its category. The Aeroblade Rack manufacturer claims that the rack was constructed with the profound attention being given to airflow and wind resistance, which is necessary for reducing drag and noise.

The rack is constructed from a lightweight material that can carry up to 165 lbs; thus, its carrying capacity is the same as the standard load bearing capacity of most roof racks available in the market today. The roof rack is sturdy for luggage and heavy equipment. This rack is easy to install as it includes AcuTight Tensioning Tools to determine if the rack is wholly secured.


  • The rack can carry up to 165 lbs. of luggage weight.
  • The roof rack uses the BoxBeam structure to improve weight resistance.
  • Trail Edge design is used to decrease aerodynamic drag
  • The rack is designed with Wind Diffuser Technology to reduced drag
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  • The rack has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer


  • The installation instructions are vague and have to be enhanced.

RhinoRack 2500 Series

The RhinoRack 2500 Series, is among the versatile roof racks in its class. It can handle up to 165 lbs; hence it is ideal for transporting heavy outdoor equipment such as kayaks. This rack is ideal as it can fit on vehicles without roof rails installed. In such cases, you can mount the RhinoRack 2500 Series above the front and rear door.

The roof rack is ideal for a wide range of vehicles, from sedans to SUVs. The rack has a key-lockable mechanism that prevents theft.


  • Ideal for carrying large objects such as sporting equipment
  • Can handle the 165-lb maximum load capacity.
  • It has a lockable mechanism to secure equipment.
  • Its made for cars of different sizes
  • Does not require roof rails
  • Come in four different lengths.


  • Lack of better installation instructions

Vault Cargo Management Roof Rack Crossbars

These are the standard 54” locking crossbars featuring padded clamps that guard your car and the rails from damages or scratches. These crossbars have raised profile; therefore, they can be used for outdoor sports equipment. The clamps on the crossbars consist of a locking system, making it among the most updated anti-theft products. This rack can be interfaced easily with the side rails, which are 47” apart and have a 150 lb load bearing capacity.

The universal crossbars used with these racks are affordable and perfect for protecting the roof of your vehicle. This product is among the few racks that include rubber strips along the entire length of the rack for guarding the entire cargo. The rack has an aerodynamic design and a low profile that can be used for most raised rails with a 1.2” clearance off the roof.


  • Has a rubberized strip to increase the protection of the luggage.
  • The rack has a padded clamp to protect the rails from damage and scratches
  • Has a 150 lb-load carrying capacity.
  • The rack has four end caps
  • The rack includes 47” roof rails distance


  • The rack is noisy at higher speeds

Whispbar Through Bar Roof Rack

This rack system is best for its ease of use. This rack has an excellent aerodynamic design and performance and has four tower harness kit so there is no need of mounting it on the regular roof rails. This roof rack system has 4 SmartFoot mounts that have cushioning to prevent it from scratching the roof of the car. These bars can be used with various harness kits, as they are easily removed from their mounts.

This rack has a load capacity of 220 lbs, which is greater than the standard. The rack includes a built-in SKS lock system for enhanced security.


  • Has an optimal load-bearing capacity of 220 lbs
  • The rack has excellent aerodynamic performance
  • Incorporates a SKS locks for more security


  • Have noise at speed above 70 mph

Perrycraft Aventura Black Roof Rails

If your vehicle doesn’t have roof rails, worry not as there are numerous aftermarket products to consider from such as the Perrycraft Aventura Black 48” roof rails which are best for naked roofs. If your vehicle has a naked roof, then rails are a perfect addition to your vehicle. These rails can accommodate any racks and have a 220-pound optimal load-bearing capacity. The rails have a raised design to accommodate multiple crossbars.
The Perrycraft Aventura rails are ideal for minivans, SUVs and come in 48” 58” or 68” options. They are manufactured from the T-6 aluminum with a powdercoat and UV protection finish. These rails are among the best harness fit solutions when considered for durability.


  • These roof rails are available in different sizes.
  • They are designed for large vehicles like minivans and SUVs.
  • It has a 220-pound load-bearing capacity.
  • The roof rails are constructed from T-6 aluminum with powder coating
  • The rails are optimized for UV protection


  • These roof rails only work on vehicles with pre-existing fitment sections.

Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Carrier

This product is a more specialized rack, modeled primarily for stand up paddle boards. The Yakima roof racks can carry two boards with the capability of mounting on various crossbars or rails. The Yakima carrier can be mounted in minutes due to its tool-free mounting process that is used for the different range of racks by Yakima.
The Yakima rack has a rubber-padded arm to allow the locking and protecting the boards when left on the rack or rails. You can secure the boards using the SKS lock. The racks come wholly assembled and have a glossy finish.


  • They come fully assembled
  • The fit on most round or square crossbars
  • They weigh 14 lbs
  • They are specially designed for stand up paddle boards.


  • The strap sewing on the racks can be enhanced

Sailnovo 20 Cubic Feet Car Roof Top Carrier

This is a compact product to increase your cargo space. This carrier is practical and durable. This carrier is an affordable option in its category. The carrier features a waterproof design, and it is easy to mount, with straps that can be used to anchor on the roof rails. The carrier uses harness kit and two long straps that can be used on top to enhance the safety harness for the luggage; thus, it is a safe and easy solution for numerous vehicle types.

The carrier is made from rubber-laminated nylon, which is meant to accommodate up to 20-cubic feet load, but it is the smaller product in its category in the market. The carrier does not require a tool to install it on your vehicle. The carrier does not incorporate a hardtop cover; therefore, it is not ideal for carrying fragile objects


  • The carrier is made from resistant materials that can be used in all weather.
  • Can be strongly secured on the roof rails using the six wide straps
  • The carrier is easily installed


  • They can only be installed on vehicles with raised roof rails.

CargoLoc Aluminum Roof Top Crossbar Set

These racks are meant to be installed on raised rails. They are ideal for vehicles that have raised rails. These bars are suitable for expanding the cargo capacity of your car. This bar is among the robust option in its category and can handle loads of up to 150-lb. The 52” variant of these bars have an optimum distance of 46” between the cross rails, but there is availability of other alternatives.

This crossbar set has a lock mechanism that protects it against vandals and thieves. They can also be easily installed or removed when not required. Additionally, they contain an adjustable clamp mechanism that is best in its category.


  • It is an affordable alternative to premium crossbars
  • The rack has the longest crossbars compared to peer products
  • The 52” crossbar has the maximum load-bearing capacity
  • It has a lock with a key mechanism.
  • The clamp system is easy to install


  • This crossbar can only be installed on vehicles with raised roof rails.

Yakima JetStream Crossbar

If you are looking for a roof rack can balance durability with aerodynamics, then the Yakima JetStream Crossbar is for you. The design of this rack is optimized for quality and performance. The rack is also compatible with different tower harness kits and supports other mechanisms like the Skyline, Ridgeline, Timberline, and Baseline. It can also be utilized on vehicles without or with roof rails.

These roof rails are wholly wind-tunnel tested. This crossbar has a T-slot design that makes it quick to mount the rack. The rack’s design allows you to utilize customized racks like the SkiClick made by Thule. The crossbar comes in 50”, 60” and 70” and weighs only 8.5 pounds as it is made from extruded aluminum. It’s the quietest choices in its category, whether mounted on a roof rail or not.


  • Support an extensive range of the roof racks
  • They are wind-tunnel optimized in JetFlow design
  • They are available in two colors of black and silver
  • They are quiet when used at higher speeds.
  • The crossbar is lightweight because they are made from extruded aluminum
  • They are ideal for cars with no roof rails or raised roof rails.


  • They cannot be quickly assembled when used with the Timberland mounts.

SportRack Complete Roof Rack System

The square-mounted racks are not prevalent these days, because of reduced aerodynamics. They are not desirable for vehicle owners who seek to optimize fuel economy. These racks have their benefits, especially in carrying customized sports gear. In case you are looking for a car roof rack that has a flat landing, then this rack system is the best option for you. This rack does not require pre-existing rails for installation.

The system is adaptable because of its square bar. The rack works with a range of rails and holders, such as the customized kayak racks, ski and bike racks, and snowboard racks. This rack is affordable and comes with contemporary features like tool-free mounting and installation process. The presence of a safety harness mechanism to secure it on the roof of the car. It is also compatible with modern vehicles.


  • The rack is available in different sizes
  • It is easily installed without tools
  • The rack is recommended for use with specialized racks
  • It can be installed on a bare roof
  • It can be locked to secure it to the car


  • They are noisy
  • The positioning of the installation point may vary

The Thule Complete CrossRoad System: Our Choice

This product is essential because of its quality and features 50” length, which fits on most cars and can handle heavy weights up to 165 lbs. Its features are user-friendly, making it easy to install without any tool.

The Thule Complete CrossRoad System: Our Choice can be strapped easily on vehicles with roof rails. Additionally, the Thule Complete CrossRoad System: Our Choice has rubber-coated steel straps that are durable and can be used when mounting and unmounting the accessories without worrying about wear and tear. The product includes locks with extra security and a lifetime warranty from Thule.


  • The rack comes with built-in anti-theft locks.
  • The racks can be secured using rails with rubberized steel straps
  • The rack can carry luggage of up to 165 lbs.
  • Fits all raised roof rail designs


  • The racks require existing roof rails on a vehicle
  • It has some noise at a higher speed.
Important Things You Need to Know About the Best Roof Racks

If you are an outdoor and cross-country travel enthusiast or occasionally travel with the sports gear. Then you will need to increase your cargo capacity. There are numerous things that you need to consider when looking for roof racks and rails.

The accessory used is curtailed by your vehicle; for instance, some vehicles will come from the automaker with rails that will affect your accessory choice. The key rule is checking your vehicle’s roof for roof rails rubber strips onto which you could install the accessories.

The installation of the accessories will rely on your choice, whether you go for a roof rail or rack. Either of the product can be installed at home. Installing the roof rails require power and mechanical tools, while most racks do not require any tools. It is recommended that you seek professional assistance when shopping for roof rails.