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The benefits of maintaining your roof in Towson

While we know that our roof provides protection for us daily, we often forget that sometimes it needs a little extra love and care. The roof of your house defends you from the natural elements such as hail, rain, snow, heat, and wind. When exposed to these harsh conditions, your roofing material deteriorates and damages over time.

Roofing Contractors in the industry have indicated that the main cause of roofing problems is a roof that is hardly ever maintained. If you didn't already realize, your roof is the biggest and most important part of your home and it needs to be repaired, maintained, and even inspected on a regular basis. In essence, it is categorized as the most delicate part of your home and its life can be cut short pretty easily when neglected.

With the right maintenance techniques, your roof can last for up to a whopping thirty years. So if you're still wondering why roof maintenance is important, read on because we'll discuss the benefits of maintaining your roof.

Regular maintenance increases the life expectancy of your Roof

Since your roof is always being exposed, it is essential that you offer some form of maintenance to avoid costly damages. By properly maintaining your roof, you're going to add some lasting years to the life of it. However, roof maintenance also sets the bar on you spending a fortune to completely repair it in the near future.

However, if you're wondering how often should you repair your roof, then it's simple as this. Your roof should be maintained depending on a number of factors that decrease the life span of it.The age of your roof, type - flat roof, shingled roof, asphalt shingle, the weather conditions, and other problems can be identified during an inspection.

It should be noted that even if your roof is new and hasn't had any problems yet, it's best to still perform inspections or have it done by a professional in Towson every couple of years.

Identify Roof Leak

Your Warranty Doesn't Always Cover You

Some contractors offer a warranty for your roof. However, warranties don't always protect you. Warranties are known for giving owners a very false sense of security. So keep in mind that even though your roof came with a warranty, it doesn't in any way indicate that it can be replaced without questions.

Just like any other legal document, your warranty will have limited value and several exceptions. So be sure to read the fine print. Roof warranties are some of the most complicated ever and it should be noted that there are many factors at risk.

Since not all warranties are structured the same, they can be easily voided when materials are installed poorly or if damages occur due to other sources. One very harmless and innocent one is installing a satellite dish and damaging your roof.

Most if not all Towson roofing manufacturers require homeowners to seek professional inspection at least every couple of years. They even suggest that this be done after a serious weather incident for the warranty to stay active. However, if you had your inspection done and you're not able to provide legal proof, you can run into warranty problems should you need to make a claim.

Your shiny new roof increases your house's curb appeal

While we all want our homes to look good on the inside, we also desire the same of its outward appearance.Most people often forget that their roof's exist and often take them for granted. It provides shelter and warmth so it's often something that is easily forgotten.

If you've never thought about it, your roof is very important and is a bonus for your curb appeal. A good looking roof will have everyone turning their heads and you'll even be the talk of the town. Even those in the real estate industry can support the claim that an attractive home improvement like exterior roof will either make or break your sale if you've decided to sell.

Additionally, clogged gutters tend to be the reason that snow and rain remain stuck in your gutters. This not only ruins the landscape but also the gutters leading to roof algae and ugly dark stains that force your roof to age quickly. In order to rid yourself and your roof of these problems, you can easily maintain it by cleaning and removing the debris.

solar shingles

Roof maintenance saves you cash later on

At this point, we're sure that you're wondering how spending money to maintain your roofing projects helps you save. However, during emergency situations, you'll be on your knees at the mercy of a roofing company. Expensive walls and floors are just as important as the roof over your head.

If you didn't already know, most contractors in this field make most of their profits from emergency calls. Emergency calls usually lead to an instant replacement forcing you to pay a fortune. These special services calls are billed based on the materials and time spent on the job.

However, extra is spent during holiday periods, weekends or even on evenings. General contractors also bill you for investigating the issue, setting up their equipment, and even driving to your home. If for some reason your roof turns out to be defective, you'll be spending thousands of dollars to repair it.

Besides just the money, you should also think about all the time and missed workdays that you'll need to spend to ensure that a repair or replacement is completed. Additionally, you'll also need to prepare for in house chaos under the section that needs fixing or replacing. The prices add up and as we've said, they run into the thousands so save yourself and have some routined maintenance and clean up done on your roof.

Something could be hidden by your roof

Most people don't even realize that something is wrong until they're in the middle of a rainstorm and their roof has sprung a leak. By the time this happens, it's almost too late and before you know it, your insulation and attic along with structural damages have easily occurred. It should be noted that too much moisture in your home can result in mold and leaking walls.

Leaks often give a false impression of their location. Gravity and water play a huge part in simply indicate they're in one area when they could be coming from another spot in your roof. Hence, regular inspections and maintenance will easily result in small problems being detected before they suddenly appear in your home and may need roofing repair or replacement services.

You're saving the environment

While there are facilities that offer asphalt shingle recycling in most states, most tend to end up in landfills all around the globe. So protecting them is better for not only your wallet but also the environment. When you maintain your roof, you'll be able to replace flashings, rubber gaskets, and even a couple of damaged shingles on your roof.

Additionally, when you maintain your roof, you'll also be protecting the insulation material. Hence, everything stays dry, and in good condition for along time. When things become wet, they produce toxic things such as mold.

More Peace Of Mind

When you know that you require roofing services, you'll be able to have peace of mind. You'll never even have to worry about suddenly springing a leak during bad weather conditions or missing shingles. Furthermore, your family will be thankful that their health isn't being affected by harmful black mold.

Simply put, preventative maintenance is a great way to keep your roof in the best condition that it ever can be. This saves you a world of problems and you can concentrate on things that are meaningful to your life.

Regular maintenance saves time during new roof installations

If you've ever experienced construction work of any type, you'll know first hand just how long everything takes. Especially if you have more pressing things at hand to deal with. So when it comes to your roof, it's best to think about the future.

When the time comes to replace your roof, previous maintenance acts would make the job much easier and stress-free. This ensures that the contractor finishes your job in a jiffy. Hence requiring less of your time.

Frequent maintenance ensures that existing wood and insulation all stay in as decent a state as they can. This is essentially important if you're having a new roof installed and you'll save even more if these materials don't need to be replaced.

The Top 7 Tips For Simple Roof Maintenance

Besides the benefits of maintaining your roof, you can even perform some simple tasks that complement the above benefits. So read on as we dive into our top 7 roof maintenance tips.



Your roofing shingles can detach, get damaged, and even go missing if you fail to pay attention. You can simply clean them to keep them free from dirt as you reduce the risks or fungal growth, moss, algae, and even lichen growth that all compromises the integrity of your roof.

So if ever you notice that they're either worn, missing, or damaged, you'll need to act quickly. Shingles are easy to replace and can be done on your own. However, if you're unsure, it's better to contact a roofing professional and not just a general contractor.



At some point, you're going to need to replace the sealant if need be. So when you get to the top, be sure to carefully examine different areas of your roof to identify wear, or cracking. If your roof has sealant on it, you'll need to first remove the old and apply a fresh coat.


Trim overhanging branches

As you get into the habit of regularly inspecting your roof for damages, you'll begin to notice that there are trees and branches above your roof. These need to be trimmed as soon as possible since they will drop leaves on top of your roof. While leaves may seem harmless, they tend to retain moisture and soon your roof will begin to damage.


Be on the lookout for rust

Chances are your roof has some or even a lot of metallic parts. Since these rust under certain conditions, or from just being old, it's a good idea to keep an eye out. If ever you should see any bits of rust, you can use a wire brush to remove it. However, you'll need to prime and repaint the areas to keep them in good shape.


Maintain your chimney and skylights

If you've ever noticed any missing mortar or cracks in your chimney, you're going to need to have that sorted out very soon. Mortar is essential for holding your bricks in place and if ever any should become lose and fall, they'll damage your roof. Additionally, they'll even cause injury to persons on the ground level if ever any should come tumbling down.


Prevent ice dam formation

While ice dams may remind you of a winter wonderland, they're bad for your roof. When ice dams build-up, they cause damage that becomes costly and very intensive to take care of. So, be sure that you insulate your home and your roof to maintain a constant temperature in the external area.

This ensures that snow doesn't melt to its liquid form and freeze on the colder parts of your roof.



As we conclude, we have just looked at how regular maintenance can affect your Towson roof. We've also looked at some tips for maintaining your roof on your own. Routine maintenance is very important to ensure that your roof stays in good shape.

While easily overlooked, your roof protects your home and everyone in it. Proper maintenance and care ensure that you don't need to suffer through time-consuming repairs. So before you find yourself in a stick roofing situation, it's best to get ahead and do some preventative maintenance.

As mentioned in our article, maintaining your roof saves time, it increases the value of your curb appeal, it's an eco-friendly roofing solution, it gives you some extra peace of mind, and don't forget, it saves you money in the long run. Proper maintenance saves you a great deal when compared to the trouble associated with repairs and replacement. So before you find yourself running into any problems, it's a great idea to start maintaining your roof.

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