Tips For Algae & Moss Prevention And Cleaning On Roofs

Your roof is an important part of the home which is why you need to do all you can to ensure that it does not have algae and moss which can be a problem. You may not notice moss and algae growing on your roof until it has been there for weeks. At this point it will have spread and getting rid of it needs a professional for the safety of the roof, as well as proper cleaning to ensure the algae and moss do not become a problem in the future.

It is crucial to get the moss and algae off your roof because it can result to more damage and ignoring the problem will only make it worse. Miss causes damage to the roof and may very well result in water leaking into the house. If you have moss on your shingle roof, for instance, you may notice the roof warping in such a way that it is possible for water to get it during a storm.

What Causes Algae And Moss Growth On Your Roof?


Dispersal of moss pores by birds or other animals.

Excess leaf fall on the roof

​Too much heat and condensation on the roof from poor ventilation


Moss can be prevented by ensuring that there are no long branches above the roof. You should always trim large branches that hang over the roof to prevent them from falling on the roof and making fertile conditions for the growth of algae and moss. Calling a professional tree service for regular tree trimming is advisable. They will be able to remove the branches without causing damage to your roof. You should also clean any leaves that you see on the roof especially during the rainy season because the rainwater will cause the leaves to stick to the roof and make room for algae and moss to grow.

Ensuring that the roof is always dry is a great idea to prevent algae and moss growth on the roof. In addition to that, you need to clear all debris off the roof regularly. You can use a leaf blower to remove the leaves and any debris. This may seem like a time consuming task but it is an important one. You can always call a service to clean the roof of you do not have enough time to do it yourself.

Additionally, you should think about installing a proper ventilation system for the roof. Call a professional HVAC service to do this for you. Having a ventilation system underneath the roofing will ensure that there is no excess moisture that condenses and makes a good breeding environment for the moss and algae.

Always keep the gutters clean and dry so that there is no water trapped on the roof. This ensures that all the water also drains properly so that any rainwater does not accumulate on the roof for long.

Cleaning Moss And Algae Off The Roof

Cleaning your compound and having a clean environment can be quite an easy task to do, but cleaning of the roof hits a new different level. Cleaning and maintaining a roof can be a bit challenging especially if the roof is invested by algae and moss. To understand and deal with this recurring problem moss and algae, you need to first have an idea of why they spread and as well what encourages them to thrive once there in place.

Although these plants seem to be almost the same it is important to note that algae And Moss are two different plants , each plant requires its own different way of eliminating it. The black discoloration you see on most of roofs around the United States is the algae. Algae mostly witnessed in areas with a lot of humid. Algae spreads easily, it be carried by wind or even animals as the move from one place to the other and no time you will notice black spots in every roof around. Algae for sure has long term effect on the roof it landed on and there is need for it to be controlled so to stop the massive damage of roofs.

Moving to moss is the green substance that is seen on top on damp stones and as well as old unkempt roofs. Moss unlike the other plants observes and retains water through its leaves. Therefore for moss to thrive and spread needs a moist environment. Moss tends to grow and good on roof that don’t get direct sunlight. Moss as well can be spread easily by animals and wind and therefore there is need for you to deal with the problem. There are different effective ways to deal with moss and algae spread on your roof, the most effective ways include the following.

Use Chlorine Bleach And Water.

These plants are not likely to do well in acidic places, areas with a pH above 7 these plants are likely to die due to the high levels of acid. For this liquid solution to be effective enough you need to use a sprayer, after applying the liquid adequately on the roof let it settle for about 20 minutes then you can rinse the roof use more clean water. Note that using pressure washer on the roof can goes some unseen damages to roof which could lead to the failure of the roof in future.

Trimming Of Tree Branches.

It is important to cut off the branches extending towards your roof, branches prevent direct sunlight to the roof and this can be a sure spot for moss and algae to breed and grow on the roof. Direct sunlight makes it impossible the plants to flourish on the roof.

Clear Debris Off The Roof.

Don’t let too much debris accumulate on your roof. Too much of it can a sure way to welcome moss and algae on your roof. Ensure that you clean your roof from time to time it is recommended you do the cleaning at least once a month.Check out Amazon's Gutter cleaning services​ to help.

Never ignore a moss and algae problem on your roof. Get it checked right away to prevent problems in the future.