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Signs that your Roof has been Damaged in a Storm

All the buildings in which we live and work have roofs. Roofs protect the buildings from the elements like rain, wind, hail, snow, etc. They also provide insulation and help keep these places habitable. Over time due to natural wear and tear or improper installation roofs deteriorate and need attention.

No matter how well the installation of your roof is handled, there will be a time when you will need roof-repair or roof replacement. These two are different in that a roof-repair will mean repairs to some parts of the roof, while roof replacement means entire sections of the roof will be re-installed afresh.

There are reasons why you would need roof repairs. If you have damaged roof materials, then this is a time for roofing repair. It is best to handle these issues early on so that they will not get worse. 

Roof damage that is left unchecked has dire consequences. Most property owners that leave their roofs unmaintained usually realize that they need roof replacement later on since the roof becomes too damaged to be repaired.

It is always best to check the roof for early signs of roof damage because this will ensure you get on top of the situation before the damage becomes extensive. Some of the clearest signs to look out for are:

Metal roofing missing from a storm damage

Metal roofing missing from a storm damage
  • Missing Or Damaged ShinglesIf any of the shingles or roof tiles are missing, cracked or damaged in any other way, it is a clear sign that your roof has sustained damage from a storm. The wind can pull shingles up or a storm can cause tree branches and other debris to fall on the roof causing damage. Extreme hail storms can also result in significant damage to your roof.

    It may however be a little more difficult to spot shingles that have become loose during a storm. Loose shingles will flap and cause wear of the granules on the other shingles on the roof. Look for horizontal lines where granules have worn. This is an indication that the seal between the shingles has been broken and that the roof is no longer waterproof.

    Hail can cause dings and dents in shingles, especially those made from asphalt. These dings are not always noticeable but can become a problem allowing cracks and creases to develop later on. In severe hail storms, roof tiles or shingles may crack or break.

  • Damaged Or Missing Flashing: Flashing is placed around the edge of the roof and other features such as skylights and chimneys. This flashing is used by professional roofers to redirect water away from these areas and provide additional protection. Missing flashing after a storm will make these areas vulnerable to water collecting and leaks developing on the roof. Damaged flashing should be replaced as soon as possible after a storm. It is recommended to call in the experts to replace flashing professionally.

  • Missing, Peeling Or Damaged Sealant: Sealant is normally found where the flashing has been placed on the roof or in between the shingles or roof tiles. This sealant is to prevent water from leaking into the ceiling or home. Peeling sealant is normally the result of long-term exposure to the sun which can cause the material to deteriorate. However, after a storm, the seals can be broken or damaged resulting in leaks. It is important to inspect the roof for sealant damage after a storm, preferably by expert roofing contractors.

  • Granules: If you start noticing a build-up of granules at the bottom of your downspout, it may be a sign that your shingles are succumbing to wear and tear or that damage has occurred after a storm. These granules are basically being washed off or falling from the roof shingles. It is best to address this problem sooner rather than later.

  • Damp And Water Spots : If you notice water spots on the ceiling or running down the walls of your house, this indicates that a leak has occurred on the roof. Curling or buckling roof tiles are indications of damp in your roof. If you notice these signs, it is highly recommended to call in a roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Roof damage from a hail storm

Roof damage from a hail storm

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Tips to reduce your Energy Bill

Did you know that your roof is the best defense against the hot summers and the frosty winters. A roof damaged due to a storm can increase your energy bill. An inadequately insulated roof can absorb too much heat in summer and also dissipate warmth out in the winter, leading to both high cooling and heating costs.
Here are some of the ways you can invest in to cut your energy costs:

  • Proper Ventillation
  • Using high solar reflectance products
  • Energy Star Label
  • Right Roof color
  • Updating any broken or missing Shingles

What should you do after your Roof has suffered Damage from a Storm

Harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains, strong winds, massive snowfalls, and scorching sun can be particularly damaging to roofs. Tornadoes and hail storms are particularly severe and can cause roof damage and leaks that can impact your home’s interior. Here’s what to do after the roof of your home has been damaged by a storm.

What to Look For

Sometimes the damage is quite obvious like broken roof flashings, missing, curled or buckling roof shingles, wet walls, leaks, spots on the ceiling or water issues around the exterior of the building. Look for:

  • Missing flashing around skylights and chimneys or along the edges of the roof
  • Loose or peeling sealant around penetration points
  • Water damage in the ceiling or attic
  • Missing shingles or signs of granule build-up that is an indication of hail damage that causes dents and dings in asphalt shingles.
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Other types of damage may not be that obvious which is why it is important to have regular roof inspections at least twice a year as recommended by the National Roofing Contractors Association.

Starting the Restoration Process

Once the damage has been identified the next step is to call in a professional roofing expert to assess the extent of the damage and provide an estimate of the cost of repairs or replacement and discuss financing options, warranty packages, and an estimated time frame for completing the job.

Finance Options for Roof Replacement

If the extent of the damage is severe a roof replacement may be the only option available. It is important to establish what the homeowner’s insurance will cover and what is excluded. Home insurance typically covers damage to a roof if it is outside the control of the homeowner, for example, fire and vandalism. Damage from extreme weather conditions or so-called “acts of God” like tornadoes or hurricanes is usually also covered. Some homeowner’s insurance policies also cover damage caused by moderate weather conditions such as hail storms, heavy rains, and high winds.

Coverage for roof damage often depends on the age of the roof and many other factors including the area where the property is situated. The best way to determine whether storm damage is covered by home insurance is to contact the insurance provider who will go over the specifics of what is included in the policy and whether there are any deductibles.

Roof Warranties

A new roof installation usually comes with its own warranty; however, some warranties only cover installation or manufacture defects and not weather-related damage. Certain roofing warranties can cover a roof for up to 50 years including 100% of the cost of repairs, materials, and labor.

If a new roof needs to be installed the homeowner should only deal with a licensed and qualified contractor that provides the best workmanship and warranty. A good warranty will provide full coverage that is not prorated over the course of a protection period and can be transferred to a new homeowner.

If a storm has left you with a damaged roof that needs replacement you will need experts who will take the time to thoroughly inspect the damage and assist you in putting together an affordable roofing package that includes a good warranty. A quality roofing contractor will provide you with a free consultation and estimate. Homeowners should also check with state and local agencies whether the anticipated contractor is qualified and licensed to work in the area where they live.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I know if my roof needs “repair” or “replacement” ?

repair your roof

This is a very important question and the answer depends on many things.

Most likely, it can be repaired for less than the cost of a new roof, but that doesn’t mean the repair scenario is the right choice. Often times it can be, but you really need to look closely at the situation to determine the best possible solution.

Taking a look at the national averages in terms of costs for repairing a roof can help you see what to expect more clearly. Roof repairs aren’t cheap, but the cost of a new roof isn’t cheap either. One of the things you need to determine before you do anything is how much longer you expect your current roof to last.

If you’re going to pay a considerable amount of money to repair your roof, only to replace it in the next couple of years, then maybe it’s time to replace it now. That’s one of the possibilities that you have, but it might or might not be the best solution. You’re going to have to do the math for your particular situation. 

Seeking professional opinion from a reliable roofer is the best strategy.

Are your technicians certified and licensed ?

Yes we only send out certified and licensed technicians out to do client work. We recommend asking technicians to provide license before commencing any project in person to you.

Do you work with insurance?

Yes we maximise your insurance benefits for any job we initiate

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees, everything is transparent from the onset

I received many estimates to replace my roof system and the prices vary greatly? How do I choose my contractor?

If some estimates appear much lower than the others and sound too good to be true, it probably is. Some contractors bid much lower in order to get the contract but are mostly uninsured & perform low quality work. If an estimate is confusing, ask the contractor to break down the estimate into items/terms you can understand.

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