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With the advancement in roofing materials, the type of roofing material you choose matters. Everyone wants their roof to have that beautiful and appealing appearance. Slate roofing tiles are known for this quality. They surpass other roofing materials in a way, and that is why they have become more common.

 Roofing manufacturers have not been sleeping because they seek to make use of the available technologies to replicate the look of slate using composite, asphalt, and even polymer materials, to make these tiles more appealing to homeowners. 

Many homeowners have been wondering whether investing in slate roofing materials is worth it. This article will give you more insight to help you understand slate roofing tiles in a better way. By knowing the pros, cons, and costs of slate roofing materials, you will be able to make an informed decision. Don't fret if you are not sure whether to pick slate roofing or a different kind of material. 

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of slate roofing tiles:

Advantages Of  Slate Roofing tiles

energy-efficient roof

1. Energy Efficient

If you are all about using energy-efficient products, then installing slate tiles on your roofs is a good idea. Slate is usually an energy-efficient material and will regulate the temperatures inside your house. It is generally very dense and hence, helps to keep your home cooler during the scorching seasons. It does this by minimizing hot air entering your attic and home. During the winter, the dense nature of the slate helps to prevent the warm air in your house from escaping. You, therefore, won't have to suffer from extremely warm or cold temperatures inside your house. In both instances, the slate will help you minimize your heating and cooling bills hence an efficient roofing material.

2. Durability

Slate is known to offer exceptional durability making it one of the best roofing materials. First, it is resistant to mold, insect infestations, algae, and mildew. You won't have to deal with any rusting issues that are common in other roofing materials. It also requires very low maintenance, which might include occasional washing of the roof tiles. Otherwise, you won't need to pay someone to do maintenance for you. This property makes slate roofing tiles very economical. If you take care of the roof, it may even last for at least 100 years, with some lasting for even more than 150 years, depending on how it was installed. You want to invest in a roof that will last you for an extended period without being prone to rust, insects, and algae infestation. Note that the difference between slate roof tiles and others such as asphalt is that these other types need to be replaced after some years.

3. Eco-Friendly

Roofing materials are said to contribute to the total waste transferred to landfills. This waste ends up polluting the land and may even find its way into the water bodies, affecting aquatic life. Most of this waste is usually associated with asphalt roofing materials. Slate roofing materials, on the other hand, have amazing qualities, making it a more environmentally safe option. First, the slate stone is a green building material. These roof tiles have a long life span and hence are not tossed away as frequently as asphalt roof materials. Secondly, slate contributes zero toxins to the environment and is naturally transpiring. Besides, the use of the slate lowers your energy costs making it environmentally friendly. Also, note that even if the slate roofing tiles have to be replaced, they are usually reused in other roofing projects.

4. Fire Resistant

If you live in an area that is prone to fires, then you need to consider slate roofing materials. Being a natural stone product, slate roofing tiles are completely resistant to fire and high temperatures as opposed to asphalt shingles and other roofing products. If your area is prone to bushfires, you won't have to worry because you know the slate will protect your home from catching fire. Avoid wood roofing of the area you live in is prone to fires as this may cost your lives and destroy all your property.

Disadvantages Of  Slate Roofing tiles

1. Weight

As much as slate will have a lot of benefits like those listed above, it also has its disadvantages. The issue of weight is one of them. Although natural slate roofing tiles are pleasing and appealing, many builders find them difficult to install because of its weight. Slate is heavy and may vary between at least 360 kilograms to 700 kilograms per square feet. You will find that many building structures are not made to withstand the weight of slate.

If you want to consider slate tiles, ensure you talk with the builders. Ask them to evaluate your house and see whether it is a good fit for slate installation. If the roof you have isn't built properly, you will have to upgrade the framing so that it can support the roof load. For you to do the reinforcement, you will need more capital for the project, hence a significant expense on your side.

2. Foot Traffic

As much as slate is durable, it performs poorly when there is roof traffic. If you hire someone to clean your gutters and they happen to walk all over the roof, they could damage some of the tiles. This will call for replacement. If you have slate roofing tiles, you should ensure you minimize any foot traffic for there to be longevity.

3.  Specialized Contractors

Slate installation is unique in that, it requires specialized contractors to install them. The slate's longevity will really depend on the quality of the installation. You can't hire your local contractors and expect them to install the slate tiles in the right manner. Look for master slaters who have done installation before and have the skills of handling slate roofing tiles. They will ensure that they install the tiles in such a way that you won't need to recall them to redo the job. These specialized installers produce great results. However, note that they are a bit costly as compared to the local contractors. Sometimes, you might not be able to find specialized slate tile installers in your areas. This would mean that you seek installers outside your region. As much as this seems cumbersome, you would rather spend much for high-quality installers as opposed to risking the whole project with poor installers. Always remember that a poorly installed slate roof is no roof at all.

Factors to consider when choosing a snow removal rake

1. Length

When choosing the right rake, it is vital to consider the height of your roof in relation to the length of its handle. Snow removal rakes are extendable, so you should look at the maximum extension length of the handle.

However, most rakes are not very useful when extended to their full length; hence you should choose one that you don't have to stretch to its full extent to reach your roof.

2. Design

​The design of the rake significantly affects its comfort ability and effectiveness. It is better to choose a rake with a design that offers a good grip and doesn't get stuck on your roof edge. Also, rakes can cause damage to your roof shingles; hence you should choose one that won't damage your roof.

Curve-bladed and wheeled rakes are the best at protecting your roof.

3. Weight

​The weight of the rake has great significance on the level of comfort it provides and proper handling. Heavy rakes are very uncomfortable to use and also make you fatigued. You should go for a lightweight rake, but be sure to check the materials it is made of as a material like wood breaks when subjected to a lot of weight.

4. Durability

​Nobody wants to see their money go down the drain; hence you should consider buying a rake that doesn't break or rust. Rakes with aluminum handles and polyethylene are the most durable as they are not susceptible to rust and breakage.

Costs Associated With Slate Roofing Tiles

If you are considering the slate roof tiles, you need to know that the issue of cost could be your biggest impediment. You will have to spend between 15 dollars and 40 dollars to have a square installed, depending on the location you are in. If you choose the low-grade slate stone, they can cost you as little as 5.5 dollars for every square foot. Besides, the installation needs to be done by specialized installers who tend to charge very high costs for the project.

Don't go for this option if you know you won't be financially stable after the project is done. In short, if you plan on installing the slate tiles, understand that it is a capital intensive project. This is why slate is considered the most expensive roofing material available. If you don't anticipate to stay in your home for many years, then installing slate tiles will not be a worthy investment for you.

Slate roofing tiles have been there since time immemorial and has been considered one of the highest quality and long-lasting roofing materials. If you have been contemplating whether you should install the slate tiles on your roof, consider the pros and cons above before making your decision.

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