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What You Need To Know About Flat Roof SystemsWhat You Need To Know About Flat Roof System

A flat is a roof that has been built in a way that it is almost level. It is highly contrasted from tradition sloping roofs. The slope of a roof is known as the pitch, flat room systems have a pitch of 10°. Flat roofs have been around even in the ancient times, they are mostly popular in arid climates. Flat roof systems make the roof space to be a living space or a living roof. Another name for a flat roof system is a low slope roof. Many commercial buildings in the world are also built with flat roofs. The national roofing contractors association have defined a low slope roof or a flat roof system as having 3-in-12 or less. Flat roof systems can he found all around the, cultures and traditions of the various areas dictate what type of materials the roofs are made out of, places with low rainfall or freezing conditions are less likely to occur,the roofs are made out of masonry or concrete. It is cheap and easy to build, especially where timber is not readily available. Flat roofs are trademarks to Persian, Arabian and Egyptian architecture. There are various types of flat roof coverings that make up the flat room systems, here are some of the various materials used to build roofs:


EPDM, otherwise known as ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber is a synthetic rubber used to build single ply roofing systems. It is readily available and it is easy to install it. Detailing has gone through evolution over the tears and it has become fast, simple and reliable with many membranes. Some factories build then with applied tapes making the EPDM easy to install and it has reduced labor costs. When properly applied it has proven to last for up to 30 years with expected lifespan of up to 50 years.

● Turbo Seal

It is a self-healing gel membrane. This membrane doesn’t cure. It is made of 40% recycled tire rubber. It is applied on top of existing tar roofs and then a sheet membrane is placed on top.


Asphalt, otherwise known as tar idyan aliphatic compound. It is a byproduct of crude oil refining. Some asphalt is mined from crude oil for the sole purpose of building roofs. High quality asphalt lasts longer than medium and low quality asphalt. It ages by the process of photo-oxidation and the process is catalyzed by heat. It dissolves easily when exposed to some oils and solvents.


CSPE is an abbreviation of the words chlorosulfonated Polythene. It is also a synthetic roofing material, it is popularly known as Hypalon. It is reinforced and depending on your manufacturer, it can be heat welded or adhered. Flat roof systems are built using various roofing elements and mostly the materials used depend on the culture or traditions of a certain area. They have stood the test of time and have been proven to be effective and efficient, especially in cooling houses in arid areas. Flat roof systems are most suited for areas with minimal rain and high temperatures.

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