Color is to homeowners for roofs what clothing is to humans. Therefore, the beauty of a home largely depends on its roof color. However, unlike clothes, roofs cannot be discarded within short periods because of their high cost. For this singular reason, you have to make the right choice for your roof color. Years back, much emphasis was not laid on the roof color but with the evolving fashion trend, people are realizing the need to carefully select the best roof color for them. It is after all one of the first sights to behold when a home is viewed. For more info visit All Season Roofers Albuquerque to see the different types of color shingles. 

Do you feel confused about which roof color to choose? This article is for you. Read on to find out all that you need to know about roof colors and factors to take into consideration while choosing them. 9 factors to consider while choosing a roof color Personal style: Your style is paramount while choosing a color for your roof. Some people prefer light colors over dark colors. So you should go for the color you feel best defines who you are. However, you are advised to be more realistic than idealistic while choosing a roof color based on your preference. This is because some colors are better imagined than put to use. 

Avoid light deception: 

Simply put, do not be deceived by sun rays. When light falls on a roof, its color tends to be slightly manipulated. Therefore, you should examine the roof color you want to choose in the morning, also in the late afternoon, and then later during the day in evening periods to ascertain that the color is really what it is. 

Real-life Experience: 

You are advised to ‘experience’ the color  of shingles that you want to choose in action first hand. You can do this by driving through a neighborhood to see how that color of shingle on your residential roof looks on other buildings. It is only when you’ve done this that you can fully grasp how it will look on yours. You should also repeat this ‘experience’ in the morning, late afternoon and then eventually night, to view its full effect. 

Hire a home designer: 

Should a situation arise where you get confused over what color to choose? You need not worry about it. It was never your work to do in the first place. Get in touch with a home designer. He/she is the ‘professional’ with eyes specially trained for color. With the necessary professional aid, you are assured of choosing the right roof color. 


Climate is a vital factor in color choices for roofs. This is to say that colors that work in certain localities might not work in yours. This is because certain weather elements such as intense sunlight and frequent heavy rainfall adversely affect some roof colors. A roof color also affects a home's temperature. Light colors are known to deflect sunlight and are ideal for areas with hot climates. On the other hand, dark colors absorb heat and they are used in colder regions to keep homes warm. 

Good color balance: 

Any color you are choosing should strike a reasonable balance with your friends and families home’s exterior overall more beautiful and unique color and that of your environment. This is to say that you should put into consideration your window color, door color, wall paint color, etc. If you don’t want to have your family's home with all the colors of the rainbow, you should use a roof color that blends with the color of your home.

Home design:

Your home’s structural design has a huge factor to consider while choosing a roof color. Certain home patterns have their corresponding roofing styles and color. Anything other than that may subject the whole building to total disarray. You should, therefore, consider your home’s architectural design before choosing a roof color. 

Check the cost: 

the cost of shingles that will be representing your roof color that you want may be larger than what you can afford, or smaller.  And of course, only your best local roofing and home improvement contractor will be able to provide you with inspection, details and estimate plus all the necessary information you need to know about that roof color. so, before making a roof color decision, ask your local roofing and home improvement contractor to tell the price difference between all the roof colors that you want to choose from. 

Do you want to hide or expose your home?: 

Did you know that certain roof colors that are specifically shingles have the potential to make your home look smaller or bigger than it is? Light-colored roofs draw attention to your home, while dark color-roofs will make a home to be smaller and hide a home’s architectural imperfections. so, before you choose a roof color, be sure to know if you want your house to stand out and be catchy or to hide and blend with your environment.  positive features, while some darker pastel type of colors can hide the little imperfections on your roof and create focus. 


The relevance of picking the perfect color shingle  roof and for your home can never be overemphasized. Overall, it enhances the beauty of your home. And like we discussed earlier, your color style is key in decision making. Remember not to be deceived into choosing the wrong roof color by sunlight rays and other factors that we mentioned above. Follow all the factors above diligently and you’re assured of picking the right roof color for your home.