Pigeon control and removal

Pigeons can be quite a hassle to deal with, especially on your own. This is because they usually congregate in large numbers and will damage your home. You can find them on the roof of your house and office, and they will be a nuisance to deal with. Pigeons are homing birds; therefore, once they make your roof tiles their home, they will breed in the same area. They may fly away for some time but will come back to have more babies. Therefore, you will find that your roof is home to around five generations of one pigeon family, in one year, which will be a disaster for you. Getting rid of pigeons is not as easy as removing their nests; you will have to take more advanced measures. Below are some of the ways to protect your roof from pigeons.

Problems Caused By Pigeons Infestation.

Pigeons cause a lot of problems to all buildings, whether it is manufacturing facilities, the airports, or the rooftops of stores and homes. Some of the issues caused include:
  • The pigeon droppings are usually highly acidic, containing uric acid, which is highly corrosive. The droppings damage the roof since they eat through the shingles, and stick to the paint, and destroy the metal. The droppings are also quite thick; therefore, they stay where they fall for a long time.
  • The bacteria and fungal agents present in the droppings can be a health risk and lead to serious lung infections.
  • The droppings can also damage the image of the business or the  home, and leave a bad impression.
  • The collected debris from the pigeons also causes water damage by blocking the drains and gutters.
  • The pigeons can also damage the air conditioning units and other machinery at the rooftop.

Pigeon Proofing.

Bird proofing will ensure that your property is kept free of the pigeons and will save you money in the process. The bird nests and droppings will cause structural problems that will destroy the building paint and wood, making it costly to fix. Hiring a professional bird control service provider is the best option for you since they will provide the best solution for you to bird proof your property.

Once you note that you have a flock of pigeons on your property, the first thing that you can do is to remove all sources of food and water from the site. Feeding the pigeons will only multiply them, making the process harder for you.

Also, one of the key reasons why the birds might be on your roof is that the attic has not been sealed. The loft provides them with an ideal breeding ground since they will be safe from predators and kept warm. Therefore, it is advised to seal off the attic.

Some of the bird proofing methods include:

Bird Spikes.

This is a highly effective and humane bird control solution. The spikes prevent pigeons from getting a foothold where they land. They, therefore, give up and fly away, instead of roosting on the roof. The good news is that the tips are not sharpened; consequently, they will not cause injuries to the birds or the professional installers. The spikes are recommended to be installed on linear surfaces where the pigeons may nest.

Bird Netting.

Bird netting is an effective method for preventing pigeons from colonizing. Installing bird-proof netting will ensure that the birds do not go into the area you do not want them in. It forces them out, making your roof a bird free zone, without harming them. It is recommended to ensure that the grids on the netting are of optimal size to ensure that you force the pigeons out of the home.

Electric Bird Deterrent System.

This method is usually used in colonized buildings. It measures about 8mm. It works by ensuring that the birds experience a shock when they land on the building. The good news is that this method does not hurt the bird; it only encourages it to move somewhere else.

Bird Wire.

This is also referred to as anti-pigeon wire. It is usually used in large establishments such as churches and cathedrals. Bird wire and coils help prevent the pigeons from roosting on wider ledges. It usually has a low visual impact and will handle the problem discreetly. You can also electrify it to induce shock when the bird flies on it.


You can also decide to bait the birds and deal with them from there. This is done by feeding the birds for a certain period, maybe a week or two. During this period, you should not miss out on a day since you need to establish a routine and build trust with them. Once you get them used to picking up the food, you can feed them a tranquilizer and an immobilizer. It will enable them to be safely removed and taken elsewhere. 

Daddi Long Legs.

They are long, wavy, thick, and stainless steel rods that are used on flat surfaces and lights to keep off pigeons. They are excellent at ensuring the pigeon problem is prevented from reoccurring without exterminating the birds. They are recommended for smaller areas where the birds will perch.

When it comes to bird proofing methods, what may work for a commercial property may not work for a residential property. This is why you need to hire a bird control service provider to help you come up with the most effective solution. They will see the extent of the damage and know exactly what will work for you and what will not. They will also provide you with tips on how to keep the birds away in the future.

As seen above, the key to bird abatement is to eliminate the food and water sources, and then to remove their nests and shelter. Home pigeon proofing can be quite hectic; therefore, it is advised to hire a professional to help you out. They will prevent the nesting of the pigeons safely, in a way that will not harm the birds.