Different Metal Deck Roof Options for Gazebo's

A metal deck roof is something that can add a lot of shade to your patio space and make it much more comfortable to be during the warmer months throughout the year. These roofs are typically very accessible and easy to install whether you are doing it over a deck or patio. You just need to be aware of the local building codes when doing so. Below, we will go over 10 options we absolutely love.

Metal Gazebo

Metal Gazebo With Screens

This will allow you to add shade to your deck or patio. It comes with screens to effectively keep bugs out to avoid bothering you in the evening. This one features both a metal frame and a canopy. One buyer even said that it was exactly what they were looking for to avoid having to worry about the weather and that the assembly wasn't difficult at all.


Metal gazebo with a Net

Metal Deck Roof Gazebo with Mosquito Net

This is another option that will allow you to add a cover for your entertaining area outdoors. It offers a very good and easy home improvement option. This option features galvanized steel for its roof and it comes with added mosquito net and privacy curtain panels, as well. For this one, assembly is required.

Roof Hardtop Gazebo

Hard-Top Gazebo

This is a slanted metal roof and it can be attached to the existing wall of your home. Because of this, it can work with the deck or patio that you are looking to cover. This roof features a twin-layer roof in aluminum and the entire structure offers UV-protection. The anchoring hardware that is needed for installation is included. One buyer noted that this roof is capable of withstanding some of the toughest weather conditions. They also noted that they would recommend it as they were able to get by two severe snowstorms without a problem.

Wood Gazebo

Wood Pavilion With Aluminum Roof

‚ÄčThis one will allow you to get out of the harsh sun rays that you would normally be exposed to outside with its wood pavilion and an aluminum roof. The pavilion itself is made up of high-quality cedar lumber and it features a good looking coffee brown colored roof made up of aluminum. All of the necessary hardware and components come included with it including the mounts needed to permanently install the structure to an existing patio or deck. One buyer noted that the structure looks great in their backyard. Because they live in Florida, they needed extra anchors that were included in the package because they have harsh storm seasons and the structure itself was very sturdy.


Aluminum Pergola

This one was designed for a much more modern outdoor space as it features a metal pergola that can add much-needed shade over an existing patio or deck. This structure is free-standing and it offers a lot of square footage of shade at approximately 96 square feet. This one comes with a canopy that is fully retractable. Prior to purchasing this one, you should check the local codes to ensure that this type of deck roof is allowed by your community. 

Metal Car port

Metal Car Port

This free-standing carport will allow you to get double-duty out of your metal roof. You can use this one to keep your car protected from the harsh elements or even use it to provide adequate shade to your outdoor entertaining area. Regardless, it is made up of a very durable and sturdy electro-galvanized steel and it comes with a whopping 15-year warranty to boot. One buyer noted that the installation was a breeze and that they used the cover for their deck which helped them get out of the cycle of having to replace falling apart wood gazebos on a yearly basis.

Curved roof pergola

Curved-Roof Pergola

This specific pergola roof offers a metal slanted roof that can provide adequate coverage from the hot sun for your porch, patio, or deck. The entire frame is made out of metal and the sunshade can be moved. It comes included with all of the hardware and tools that are required for assembly. One buyer noted that they are extremely satisfied with their purchase and that the assembly process was extremely easy and the cover is tough as nails. They noted that it was capable of withstanding a severe hail storm that caused serious damage to their roof and their cars but zero damage to their pergola.

Collapsible Gazebo

Collapsible Gazebo

For those that might be after a metal deck roof that is fully collapsible, this is one that offers that convenience and the durability that you might want. You can move it whenever you need it for the shade.

Steel Pergola With Retractable Top

Steel Pergola With Retractable Top

This one will allow you to add a much-needed style over your patio or deck. It comes with very easy installation and it features a retractable canopy that will allow you to effectively determine how much sun you want to enter at will. One buyer noted how easy the directions were to understand which made the assembly process simple. They also noted how good it looks and the affordable nature of it leading them to endorse it as a recommended purchase.