National Roofing Contractors Association

If you’re a contractor who does roofing, you’re required to update the many codes and safety procedures which you agree on throughout the roofing industry. It’d probably be to your best interest to have knowledge the newest innovations, types of materials and methodology within the roofing business. A good source for info of the types which are available would be the NRCA. This is where you can find technical info, insurance and info on safety.[5] Also, what is available for people interested, would be the industry-wide calendar and up to date news.

Where to start

This group is usually made available to the public, and that helps especially if those who own businesses or even those who just own homes who are in the buying mood for a new roof. Much research should of course go into the plans of making or doing consturction on the roof.

When you’re a roofing contractor; you’re probably gonna get a lot of questions from your clients. Even though you’re probably not going to know it all at the top of your head, this organization will help consult you and can help answer any questions you may have.[1] Being part of this will put you ahead of the game in many regards, because when everyone is shopping home improvement items, they often move toward the newest items in the market, or maybe the most popular one at the time and their friends are talking about. Word of mouth is of course a big deal in any industry and having the know how and what customers are looking for can mean a big boost in your business.[2]

Amazing Tools, Amazing Resources

It’s one of the most highly rated associations for the roofing industry in the US, and it carry’s long standing reputation to an honest practice.[4] Either if you’re someone who contracts or you’re just starting, it’s important to have some one who has your back as a tradesman and this association definitely has your back!

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