11 Best Roofing Tool Belts


CLC Leathercraft 175274


Bucket Boss 2 Bag Tool Belt 50200


Task Tools T77265  Apron Leather Belt

Roofing is definitely not the easiest of tasks. It can be incredibly taxing even for the smallest of fixes. Fortunately, you can make your job much easier by investing in a quality tool belt. The best roofing tool belt will have ample room for storing your most important tools.

You need to consider several things when buying a roofing tool belt. Quality, durability, and carrying capacity should be your top 3 considerations. If you are looking for the best roofing tool belt to buy, here are 11 great options for you to choose from:

1. CLC Leathercraft 175274

CLC is a brand that specializes in work gear and its goal is providing the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. The CLC Leathercraft 175274 is definitely not an exception. It is well constructed and built to last.

The CLC Leathercraft 175274 has 2 hammer loops as well as 12 pockets. 4 of these pockets are large enough to hold nails and tools while the other 8 are smaller in size and ideal for carrying smaller tools as well as any other supplies. The nail bags are definitely a plus for roofers.

The CLC Leathercraft 175274 is made of top grain heavy duty leather, which is one of the most durable options available. It has an adjustable waistband that fits waist sizes from 29 to 49 inches. It also has a pouch for a tape measure.

While reviews were mostly positive for the CLC Leathercraft 175274, there are some complaints. First, users report that it isn’t friendly to left-handed people. The other major complaint was that while it fit the average homeowner’s tape well, it doesn’t fit professional-sized tape measure well. Finally, it has been reported that the waistband is quite challenging to adjust.


  • Made of heavy-duty leather
  • It has 2 hammer loops
  • It fits waist sizes from 29 to 49 inches
  • It has 12 pockets


  • Not suitable for left-handed people
  • Measuring tape pouch not suitable for professionals
  • Waistband is challenging to adjust

2. Bucket Boss 2 Bag Tool Belt 50200

The Bucket Boss Bag Tool Belt 50200 has 2 adjustable pouches with 12 pockets and 2 hammer holders, which are enough to store all your roofing supplies and tools. It fits waist sizes of up to 52 inches. While it isn’t made of leather, it holds up quite well and is incredibly durable for the price.

The Bucket Boss Bag Tool Belt 50200 is quite comfortable. Its pouches are sturdy and fit the tools snug. It fits all users quite well, including skinnier users. One common complaint, however, is that some of the pockets are awkwardly placed, making it challenging to organize tools efficiently.

Still, the Bucket Boss 2 Bag Tool Belt 50200 has received a lot of positive feedback. For the low price, it offers great value.


  • It comes with 12 pockets
  • It has adjustable pouches
  • It has 2 hammer holders
  • It fits up to 52-inch waist
  • It is lightweight


  • It doesn’t have a square pouch
  • Some of the pockets are awkwardly placed

3. Task Tools T77265 Apron Leather Belt

The Task Tools T77265 Carpenter’s Apron Leather Belt is a 2-inch wide belt made of oil-tanned split leather. It has 12 pockets of different sizes as well as 2 optimally placed hammer holders. It offers rather decent quality for the price. It is ideal for DIY projects.

The Task Tools T77265 Carpenter’s Apron Leather Belt, however, is not recommended for professional use since it doesn’t hold up too well to the harsh conditions up on the roof. The other major downsize is that it is too long and does not adapt to fit smaller waist sizes. It cannot be used by skinny people.


  • It has 2 hammer holders
  • It has 12 pockets of varying sizes
  • It is made of decent quality leather


  • It is not very durable especially in professional applications
  • It is too long and does not fit smaller waists

4. Occidental Leather 5089 Seven Bag Framer

The Occidental Leather 5089 Seven Bag Framer is optimally designed. It is made from 100% genuine leather that’s highly durable and practical. It offers superior comfort and craftsmanship. It is made in the USA and meticulously handcrafted by highly skilled individuals with great attention to detail.

The Occidental Leather 5089 Seven Bag Framer features strong and reliable stitching, which makes it highly durable. It also fits any waist size with ease: from small to large waists and can be used by both short and tall people.


  • It is made of top-grain leather
  • It is made in the United States
  • It has many holders and pockets (i.e. 23)
  • It adjusts to any size of waist
  • It is incredibly durable (Can last over 10 years)


  • It is quite heavy
  • It is rather expensive

5. Style n Craft 76-425 11 Pocket Tool Belt

The Style n Craft 76-425 11 Pocket Tool Belt is 2-inches wide and adjusts to waist sizes from 26 to 46 inches. It is made of high-quality polyester and good stitching with nylon thread. It is smaller compared to other belts, but it includes 11 pockets as well as 2 hammer holders.

The Style n Craft 76-425 11 Pocket Tool Belt is quite impressive, but users have 2 main issues with it. First, it is difficult to adjust the waist size. Second, carrying hammers is awkward due to the poor placement of hammer holders.


  • It fits 26- to 46-inch waists
  • It has 2 hammer holders
  • It has 11 pockets


  • Poorly placed hammer holders
  • Smaller than comparable belts
  • The waistband is difficult to adjust

6. DeWalt DG5650 31-Pocket Tool Belt

The DeWalt DG5650 has one of the highest number of pockets you can ever find in a tool belt, both big and small (31 in total). It has loops for holding nails or even pencils. It also has a carabiner for holding keys as well as zippered pockets where you can put valuables such as phones.

The DeWalt DG5650 has a patented pouch handle that makes it easy to adjust the belt. It even has on-hook storage that makes it easy to carry using just one hand. It is one of the sturdiest tool belts on this list with numerous pockets that can accommodate all your tools.


  • It has zippered pockets for storing valuables
  • It is highly portable and can be easily carried with just one hand
  • It has 31 pockets that allows for proper storage of all kinds of tools
  • It has a 6-inch heavy-duty padded belt for optimal comfort
  • It has a double-tongue roller buckle that keeps the belt secure in place


  • It has a flat pocket that doesn’t serve any practical purpose
  • It has an oversized bag

7. IIT 91112 7-Pocket Tool Belt

The IIT 91112 7-Pocket Tool Belt is made of heavy-duty leather and reinforced with rust-proof rivets. It has 7 pockets, 2 steel loops, and 1 leather loop for hanging your tools. It has a 2-inch wide polymer belt that’ easily adjustable from 32- to 52-inches and even has a quick release buckle.

The IIT 91112 7-Pocket Tool Belt is a useful item for busy and productive workers from construction professionals to DIY enthusiasts. The numerous pockets allow for easy transportation of a large variety of tools or construction materials.


  • It is made from heavy-duty leather and reinforced with rust-proof rivets
  • It has an adjustable belt with a quick release buckle
  • It has 7 pockets and 3 loops, which allows you to carry a wide assortment of tools
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • It is highly affordable


  • The stitching isn’t of the highest quality
  • The belt doesn’t stay buckled
  • The pockets are relatively small

8. MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt

The MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt is made using 100 % genuine polyester and can easily withstand any rough conditions. It has 12 pockets that hold all your tools snugly. The stress points are secured by rivets.

The main pockets of the MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt stay open so that you can easily reach your tools. The manufacturer has given serious thought into the placement, type, and number of pockets so that you can easily reach the tools without looking.

The belt comes in just one size, which means that it might not be ideal for either very small people or very large people. Fortunately, it is an extremely wide belt. One other downside is that it comes with just a 14-day warranty, which is not something you can really complain about considering the price.


  • Tools are easy to access
  • It has 12 pockets
  • It can carry all your essential tools snugly
  • Tools don’t spill out easily
  • It can withstand any rough condition


  • The 14-day warranty is incredibly short
  • Zippers are not of the best quality
  • One-size belt

9. Dickies Work Gear – 4-Piece Carpenter’s Rig 57023

The Dickies Work Gear 57023 features a straightforward design with 9 pockets, tool loops, a hammer holder, a decent sizing chart with 20 inches between sizes, as well as 1-year warranty. It is built to last and features reinforced pockets and loops, heavy-duty webbing handles, and durable woven canvas.

The Dickies Work Gear 57023 is designed to ensure maximum durability and comfort. It features a 5-inch padded belt that fits 32- to 52-inch waists and suspenders with front adjustable straps. It also features a 2-inch belt loop, a steel double roller buckle, and a carabiner for quick clip storage.


  • Heavy-duty ad sturdy canvas material
  • The safety of contents is guaranteed thanks to the secured flap
  • It promotes a more customizable fit
  • It features comfortable padding for suspenders that promotes even weight distribution


  • Poorly designed pockets

10. Gatorback Professional Carpenter’s Tool Belt Combo

The Gatorback Professional Carpenter's Tool Belt Combo is the ideal tool belt for roofers that sweat a lot while working since it has air ventilated padding and breathable fabric that ensures that you don’t feel sticky or sweaty wearing. It has 13 storage compartments comprising both large and small pouches.

It has 7 pouches and a hammer loop on the right. On the left, it has 4 pockets, which includes an interior speed square pocket as well as 2 slots. It has 5 different waist sizes ranging from 26- to 49-inches. It is made from Duratek 1250 fabric, metal rivets, bar-tack stitching, and a high-density core.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable construction
  • High storage capacity
  • Sweat-proof padding


  • The Velcro may lose its stickiness

11. ToughBuilt – Handyman Tool Belt Set

The ToughBuilt Handyman Tool Belt Set can be used by both beginners and seasoned users alike. It has a total of 10 pockets that offer ample storage for all your roofing tools. It has a sturdy buckle system that ensures that tools never fall off

The ToughBuilt Handyman Tool Belt Set is also incredibly versatile. You can shift and mix around your pockets to better match your needs. You can even attach a harness to the triangle loops along the belt when working at elevated heights.


  • It is the perfect companion or organizing your tools efficiently
  • It has plenty of pockets and storage spaces
  • It is highly versatile
  • Lightweight but still durable and rugged


  • -It may cause sweating especially when it is hot outside

Final Thoughts

Roofing is not an easy job. It is a difficult task that requires a lot of energy and time. Fortunately, having the right roofing tool belt before you actually get started with work can help boost your productivity. A good roofing tool belt is the perfect solution for carrying all your roofing tools with you with the least amount of hassle. If you are looking for a roofing tool belt to buy, you can choose from any of the 11 featured here.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's?)

How do I choose a roofing belt?

Choosing the right roofing belt can be a tough decision. There are many things to consider, and not all belts are created equal! Some factors that should influence your decision when buying a new roofing belt:

-Material: Roofing belts are made from a variety of materials, each with their own set ups and benefits. Common roofer belt material includes nylon coated steel or polyester fabric reinforced by cotton mesh for maximum strength (this is the most common type). Other options include PVC/PVC Coated Steel Ropes which offer greater flexibility.

-Length: Roofing belts come in many different lengths, and can be cut to your desired length. 

How to properly wear a tool belt?

A tool belt is a great way to carry all of the tools you need for your job. For years, people have been wearing them around their waist and this has proven to be an effective method. However, there are some other ways that you can wear it depending on what kind of work you do. The first option is over one shoulder with a strap across the chest and under the opposite arm, like a backpack or messenger bag. This position allows for easy access to your tools without having to take off your belt every time. If you're working in tight spaces where there's no room for your arms or hands then try strapping it across both shoulders so that it hangs from either side of your chest instead of just one side as with the previous method. This will free up both arms to do their work without having anything in your way or weighing you down too much with a dangling belt from one arm, which can be frustrating and inconvenient if it's not done right.